“Polisario” Gangs attack Moroccan Consulate in Spain

Spain unequivocally condemns the Polisario militia that adopts a "gang" strategy while attacking Moroccan Consulate on Spanish land.

Separatist “Polisario” Front Gang attacks the Moroccan General Consulate in Valencia by lowering the Moroccan flag over the embassy building, located in the eastern part of Spain.

A video recording, widely shared by social media users, showed the separatist front’s Gangs as they were about to take off the Moroccan flag from the ministry building and place a fake “flag” of the front.

Moroccan activists in Spain recorded the inability of the Spanish authorities to protect the Moroccan diplomatic missions, and they considered it clear negligence in light of the increasing irresponsible acts of sabotage of the “Polisario” Gangs, whereas according to the Vienna Treaty, the Spanish side is responsible to protect diplomatic missions and the health safety of Moroccan diplomats.

The front carries on its provocative and reckless acts which makes the situation more complicated despite the international community’s condemnation of its actions and its affirmation of support for the Moroccan proposal.

A number of Moroccan activists condemned the Polisario’s continuous escalation and attempts to strike the efforts made to resolve the invented conflict, as they compared the strategy that the separatist front used to a “gang” in attacking Moroccan diplomatic missions. Thus, Moroccan human right activists demanded that Spain open an investigation concerning the event, revealing the truth behind the video, and punishing the perpetrators.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation stated, “Spain unequivocally condemns the acts committed today by some of the participants in a gathering in front of the Consulate General of Morocco in Valencia”.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that these people, who have stormed the consulate building in an attempt to place the flag of the so-called (Sahara Republic) “which constituted a violation of the sanctity, safety, and security of the consulate head office.”

The same source emphasized that “no demonstration organized within the framework of the right to assembly can turn into illegal actions such as the attempt that took place today which constitutes a flagrant violation of approved legislation and laws.”

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “the government is working to further clarify the facts and will continue to take all appropriate measures in order to ensure respect for the safety and sanctity of diplomatic missions accredited to our country.”

The statement added that Spain “strongly condemns any act that violates the principles and values ​​of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations of 1961 and 1963, to which it is a party and guarantee”.

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