Jean-Louis Borloo: EU must Recognize Moroccan Sahara

Jean-Louis Borloo: The European Union must recognize the Moroccan Sahara following US Steps

The French politician, Jean-Louis Borloo, considered that the European Union should follow “the same path” and also recognize the full sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara, as the US administration did, seeking to close this file once and for all.

The former member of the European Parliament said in a statement, “The European Union must understand that Morocco is not only a distinguished partner but a very vital partner in relations between Europe and Africa,” expressing his hope that the American decision will have “an impact” on countries in the European Union, chiefly France.

For Mr. Borloo, who held several ministerial positions, especially economic and financial ones, the American recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara is the culmination of “a complete path for the Moroccan people, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and his father, His Majesty King Hassan II.”
He stressed that this announcement comes to “completely change the situation,” as it will have “good” repercussions on the region.

“There is something that raises emotion. This region (the Sahara) is extremely wonderful and promising in terms of economic development, and this completely changes the situation. This justifies His Majesty’s vision regarding investments, especially the port of Dakhla, and then making this area an energy pole for part of The Sahel countries and beyond – the first renewable energy center in the world.
“For the entire population of this region, I think it is wonderful,” he added.

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