What would Indonesia gain from Israel Normalization?

Indonesia the largest Muslim Majority country is the next candidate for Trump's Administration Peace Plan to normalize ties with Israel.

Vice Chairman of the Israel-Indonesia Chambre of Commerce, Emanuel Shahaf lists what would the largest Muslim Majority country benefit from normalizing ties with Israel.

Shahaf expressed in an interview with MoroccoTelegram that normalizing ties with Israel would be a good deal for Indonesia.

He further added that ties with Israel will help Indonesia realize its potential which it hasn’t been doing for the last thirty or forty years.

Moreover, Indonesia would benefit from Tourism as it is a fascinating tourist attraction. Huge numbers of Israelis go to Dubai for tourism as a fruit of peace with Dubai. In addition to that, many Israelis with Moroccan roots already travel to Morocco and as a fruit of peace with Morocco, more numbers are to visit Morocco in the coming months.

In addition to Tourism, Indonesia would also be a great market for Israel especially in technologies. It is also an opportunity to develop Indonesian agriculture and other parts of the economy which are underdeveloped where Israel would have a big impact.

Having developed advanced technologies in the agriculture sector, Israel’s know-how and technologies would have a considerable impact on the Indonesian economy since 40% of Indonesia’s workforce is employed in agriculture.

Thus, there is no reason that prevents Indonesia from becoming an independent force economically in the sector of agriculture taking advantage of Israeli’s know-how and technology. Instead of importing $5 Billion worth of agricultural products per year, Indonesia could be an exporting country.

On the other hand, another gain for Indonesia is in the area of dairy industry which witnesses a huge need for improvement. Indonesia barely supplies 30% of the country’s needs. However, with Israel’s world developed dairy technologies, Indonesia’s dairy industry will rise considerably.

In terms of Medicine, Israel’s methodologies and expertise would be of great help for the dispersed Indonesian population. Israel could employ tele-medicine doctors at distant medical centers who can read tele-images of patients over the internet and decide who needs to be hospitalized and who needs further testing.

The sector of clean energy is also at stake. Indonesia’s electricity production capacity is bellow average and is unable to cope with rising domestic consumption of electricity. Israel’s leading clean energy plans would provide Indonesia with abundant clean sources of energy especially in its rural areas.

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