Angelina Jolie to Sell Moroccan Painting “Koutoubia Mosque”

Angelina Jolie will sell the painting "The Koutoubia Mosque" at an auction in London next March, at an estimated price of more than 3 million dollars.

The American Actress Angelina Jolie is preparing to sell a painting in London. Christie’s auction house announced that the painting will be displayed in a public auction next March where it will be presented at an estimated price of between 2 to 3.4 million dollars. This art piece moved through several owners before being bought by Angelina Jolie and her ex husband Brad Pitt, today It is going to move to a new owner.

“Koutoubia Mosque”, a painting describes in colors the Mosque tower of Elkoutoubia in Marrakech in the moment of sunset. It was painted by the former British prime minister Winston Churchul.

The story of this artistic work was after Casablanca Conference in 1943, when allies agreed on a plan to defeat Nazi Germany, the British leader invited the American president Franklin Roosevelt to visit Marakech where Churchill painted the Koutoubia tower and gifted it to his American friend. This masterpiece depicts one of the most important historical monuments in Marrakech.

According to Christie’s Auctions house, this painting is probably Churchill’s best painting, and is the only one that Churchill accomplished during World War II, and it is one of the 50 paintings by the British prime minister about Morocco.

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