The Palestinian embassy issues an apology for their absence in meeting the Hamas delegation

The Palestinian Embassy in Rabat apologized to the Hamas delegation

The Palestinian ambassador issued an apology at the last moment for having missed meeting the Hamas delegation, because of “instructions he received from Ramallah,” despite his previous readiness to do so.


The Moroccan news website Al-Youm 24 reported that it was programmed for the Hamas delegation to visit the Palestinian embassy in Rabat, to meet with Ambassador Al-Shobaki, but that did not happen.


According to a credible source, the movement’s delegation “welcomed the visit of the Palestinian embassy, was ready for it, and programmed it”. Alas, the Palestinian ambassador expressed his regret for not being able to attend due to “instructions he received from Ramallah,” the headquarters of the Palestinian National Authority. It is crucial to mention that the ambassador was in fact ready to meet the delegation.

It seems that this decision displays the differences existing between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, on one hand. It may also reflect the authority’s dissatisfaction with the movement’s delegation’s visit to Morocco, and its semi-official reception, on the another hand. The absence occurred despite the fact that the visit took place at the invitation of the Justice and Development Party.


The Palestinian Ambassador presenting the Embassy located in Rabat, Jamal Al-Shobaki, was also absent from the visit of the Hamas delegation to Morocco headed by Ismail Haniyeh, head of the movement’s political bureau, between 16-20th June.


Many questions were raised about the reason for this absence and its circumstances, for it resulted in notable actions. First, The Hamas delegation did not visit the embassy’s headquarters in Rabat. Then the Palestinian ambassador was present neither during the dinner party that was organized in honor of the delegation at the Royal Hospitality Palace in Rabat, nor in the meetings held by the delegation. Furthermore, the ambassador did not visit the Hamas delegation at their residence in Bouznika (near Rabat). In addition to an absence while the delegation visited the headquarters of Bait Mal Al-Quds Agency.

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