The UNOCT program office, Africa’s new defense against terrorism in our capital Rabat

The inauguration of the UNOCT program office in Africa, more precisely Rabat on the 24Th of July 2021

Today has seen one of Morocco’s most important achievements that is the inauguration of the UNOCT program office in Rabat. The inauguration was led by the minister of foreign affairs, Nacer Bourita, and Mr. Vladimir Voronkov, Under Secretary General, who joined by videoconference.

In addition to the concerned factions, the diplomatic faction joined in as well. A full coverage of the ceremony was done from New York in order to enable all participants in the 2nd international week against terrorism to carry on their mission.

The new office will work on developing then implementing programs aimed at honing the defense skills for the purpose of fighting terrorism, especially when it concerns border security and management, investigations and follow-ups, prison management, disengagement, rehabilitation and integration.

The office will proceed by combining both set of skills that Moroccan experts and the UNOCT possess, which will create a complete and interesting training to African countries.

The inclusion of Morocco in this international partnership is a prominent sign of trust, respect, and the ideal leadership of our reigning monarch Mohammed VI.

It’s worth mentioning that the UNOCT was created on July 15TH of 2017, to have the UN provide more help to the countries facing terrorism.


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