The Arab Parliament calls for opening the file of SEBTA MELILLA

The Arab Parliament deals a strong blow to the European Parliament and Spain

The Arab Parliament, meeting in an emergency session today, Saturday in Cairo, called for opening the file of the Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melilla and the occupied Moroccan islands.

The Arab Parliament stressed “the necessity of opening the file of the Moroccan cities ofa Sebta and Melilla and the occupied Moroccan islands, to settle this situation, which is considered a relic of the colonial era.”

While the resolution mentioned the firm and permanent position regarding full solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco, the Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Assoumi, was assigned to take the appropriate measures to support Morocco in responding to this decision.

after discussing the latest decision issued by the European Parliament on Morocco, the Arab Parliament denounced the interference of its European counterpart and his insistence on getting himself involved in a bilateral crisis between  Morocco and  Spain, which can be resolved through diplomatic means and direct bilateral negotiation between the two countries.

On June 10, the European Parliament adopted a draft resolution rejecting Morocco’s use of border control and immigration, and unaccompanied minors in particular, as political pressure against an EU member state, against the backdrop of the unprecedented migration of thousands of people towards the occupied city of Ceuta in May 17, including hundreds of minors.

The anti-Morocco draft resolution, claiming that it violated the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Moroccan authorities’ use of minors in the migration crisis to Ceuta, received the approval of 397 deputies, 85 deputies opposed, while 196 deputies abstained.

While the Arab Parliament praised “the tireless efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco in combating illegal immigration, as a pioneer in resolving immigration problems in Africa,” the Parliament expressed its total rejection of the “unacceptable arrogant approach of the European Parliament in dealing with issues related to Arab countries.” By issuing decisions that contradict the requirements of the desired strategic partnership between Arab countries and European countries.
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