Malawian Minister of Foreign Affairs announces opening of Consulate in Laâyoune

This inauguration of Consulate-General of Republic of Malawi took place in Laayoune Thursday, 29 July,2021 in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nasser Bourita and his counterpart Mr. Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka. As Malawi joined to the growing number of African countries that have opened consular offices in the Southern Provinces, Foreign Affairs Minister, has congratulated the government and friendly people of Morocco of reaching this new milestone in the recognition of the Kingdom’s legitimate rights over the Sahara.

Malawi reaffirms its long-term commitment to further advance the allied partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco. Mr. Nasser Bourita believed that this pivotal event will be the fertile germ of a new era of closer ties and pave the way to enhanced cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, anticipates that the establishment of the Consulate will enable further deepening of the political dialogue between Malawi and Morocco, facilitate the promotion of two-way trade and investment, and contributes to more efficient cooperation in education and tourism.

Then, He desired to make Laayoune Africa’s next economic hub and to make positive contributions to the development and prosperity of our continent. After he made a tour in the city, he was impressed by the quality of the existing infrastructure (airports, roads, energy, water, etc.). He said that Malawi stands ready to all opportunities offered by the region’s economic development and quality education and training.

On behalf of the Government of Malawi Mr. Nasser Bourita, gave thanks to Government of Morocco for the reliable support and cooperation extended to the country over the years.

He reiterated Malawi’s steadfast support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and its sovereignty over the Sahara. He mentioned that the country will equally continue to speak in favour of the role played by the United Nations as an exclusive and consensual framework to reach a lasting solution for the regional dispute.

He concluded with, expressing his appreciation to the Government of Morocco and the Wilaya of Laayoune for strong support extended in the task of the opening of this Consulate-General.

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