Pakistan’s Ambassador in Rabat: We are very worried about the situation in Afghanistan and hope that no more lives be lost

After the Taliban gained control of Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani announced his departure from the nation, Pakistan voiced its great worry over the situation in its neighbor Afghanistan.
In this regard, Pakistan’s Ambassador, Hamid Asghar Khan, stated at a press conference held in the Pakistani embassy, Tuesday, in Rabat, “Pakistan, as a responsible member of the international community and also as a direct neighbor, is deeply concerned regarding the development of the situation.”
“We profoundly regret the loss of life as a result of the uncontrolled situation at Kabul Airport, and we hope that no additional deaths or violence occur, and that all people’ human and civil rights are protected,” he continued.
The same spokesperson added that Pakistan has always stressed, as Prime Minister Imran Khan has often stated, that there is no military solution to the Afghan problem, stressing that Pakistan has suffered more than others over the years from the ill consequences of the Afghan conflict.
At the same conference, Pakistan’s Ambassador emphasized his country’s commitment to cooperating with the international community to achieve a peaceful and comprehensive political settlement that will allow Afghanistan to flourish and develop.

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