Nabila Rmili replaced by Khalid Aït Taleb as Minister of Health

Nabila Rmili is no longer Minister of Health. The former regional director of health in Casablanca-Settat will focus on her role as Casablanca mayor.

She had been elected to the position of mayor in the most recent legislative elections. She has requested that she stay mayor rather than combine the two offices. According to the Royal Cabinet, Khalid Aït Taleb is returning to the helm of the Ministry of Health.

“In accordance with the provisions of Article 47 of the Constitution, and on the request of the Head of Government, King Mohammed VI has kindly appointed Khalid Aït Taleb as Minister of Health and Social Protection, replacing Nabila Rmili,” according to a news announcement from the Royal Cabinet.

“This appointment follows the submission to the Royal High Appreciation of the proposal of the Head of Government, aimed at terminating the governmental functions of Mrs. Rmili, who requested to devote herself fully to her functions as President of the Council from the city of Casablanca, in accordance with constitutional provisions.” The Royal Cabinet emphasizes the importance of “impacting the many commitments and daily monitoring required by the health sector, especially in this era of epidemic.”

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