The Moroccanness of the Sahara never was – and never will be – on the negotiating table

interview with Dr. Mohamed Chtatou

On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the glorious Green March, the online news outlet “Morocco Telegraph” conducted an interview with professor Mohamed Chtatou.

Today’s royal speech was characterized as firm, strong and clear regarding the Moroccan Sahara. How would you interpret it?

I think the speech today was extremely open frank and direct to all the enemies of Morocco, especially Algeria to be honest.

One of the things that the King said which is very important “the Moroccanness of the Sahara is not open to negotiations, and it will never be”, the Moroccan Sahara is for all Moroccans a kind of achievement.

On the other hand, what is open to discussion is the autonomy plan. His Majesty King Mohammed VI has thanked the United Nations and secretary general Antonio Guterres for all his work.

He also mentioned what have been achieved in terms of development in the Sahara region in the last 46 years since the Green March in terms of the infrastructures, economy and creating jobs for people. These achievements are extremely important.

As well as some achievements in terms of a political level, his Majesty King Mohammed VI mentioned countries opening consulates sections in Laâyoune, Dakhla… which means that all these countries are recognizing the Moroccan sovereignty over its Sahara.

He also mentioned that the United States has always been in the side of Morocco from the very beginning and it had recognized officially the Sovereignty of Moroccan Sahara and that is an achievement for Morocco.

One of the other achievements that we can mention obviously is the unity of all the Moroccans to defend the rights in the region, noting that Morocco is a peaceful country.

What are your inferences of his Majesty speech in light of the developments of the Moroccan Sahara case?

There are tremendous developments in all the cities and the Moroccan Sahara whether it is Laâyoune, Dakhla, boujdour…

We should also mention that since the Moroccan army kicked out the Polisario militias from Guerguerat, the appeal from the friendly countries, the things are going very well; which helps in playing a major role in communication and economic exchanges with the other countries, which is beneficial for both Morocco and African and European countries.

His Majesty the King, mentioned that many countries are investing in the Moroccan Sahara, which means that Morocco has achieved what it wanted in the Sahara region.

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