Mr. Bourita presents the royal approach to resolving the Libyan crisis in Paris Conference

  Mr. Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, represented His Majesty King Mohammed VI in the Paris Conference on Libya, presenting the royal approach to resolving the Libyan situation and His Majesty’s desire to make Morocco a country for Libyan dialogue.

Mr. Bourita assured participants that His Majesty King Mohammed VI is closely following developments in Libya and is framed by his royal vision of Morocco commitment, which was held today under the joint chairmanship of President Emmanuel Macron of France, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy, and President of the exiled Libyan Presidential Council.

Such an approach, based on respect for the Libyan people’s choice and the avoidance of guardianship, had allowed great progress to be made, beginning with the signing of the Political Agreement on Delays in December 2015.

The Minister recalled that the Bouznika Accords of 6 October 2020 made progress toward the reunification of the seven sovereign positions, that the Libyan Parliamentary Conference of 23 November 2020 facilitated the first meeting of 123 Libyan parliamentarians from East and West since 2011, and that Rabat’s commitment to December 2020 allowed representatives from the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of Libya to come closer together.

Mr. Bourita urged the Conference participants to send Libya and the international community strong and unequivocal messages.

He also urged Libya to commit to a better future in order to maintain the gains made thus far. The elections have the potential to turn the ceasefire into a sustainable peace and a final resolution of the legality issue.

Mr. Bourita emphasized the need of ensuring that the legislative framework for Libya’s elections is “consensual” and “inclusive,” noting that such rights will reinforce Libya’s sovereignty and provide the international world with access to a single Libyan axis.

After firmly expressing Morocco’s support for Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh’s government’s efforts, the Minister recalled that Morocco was ready to support any deal between the Libyans.

Mr. Bourita said that “Morocco is ready to support anything that Libyans agree on, and that is what Libyan brothers are well aware of,” stressing the need to change the role of the international community and Libya’s partners.

Mr. Bourita stated that “Morocco, which remained a land of dialogue where Libyan brothers met spontaneously, has always regretted that some regard Libya as a diplomatic commercial origin,” while others regard it as a proxy conflict,” adding that “What each must do is to accompany a united Libya, without preaching or interfering, in finding conditions for a lasting peace, including through disarmament, the departure of foreign mercenaries, and the reintegration of local migrating populations

Mr. Bourita continued by expressing Morocco’s support for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and his Personal Envoy, Ján Kubiš, in their efforts to promote peace in Libya.

It should be remembered that the Paris Conference envisions international support for the ongoing political transition and the timely staging of elections.

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