Germany starts A New Phase In Its Relationship With Morocco And Sends Positive Signals About The Artificial Conflict In Moroccan Sahara

Morocco and Germany have considerable economic and trade links, according to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Germany placing seventh in Morocco’s foreign sector in 2019. In the same year, it purchased €1.4 billion in products from Morocco and exported €2.2 billion in commodities. In Morocco, roughly 300 German equity companies are represented, with a focus on Casablanca and Tangier.

According to a communiqué issued by Berlin, Morocco is a popular tourist destination, with around 6% of international tourists coming from Germany in 2019.

Germany, according to the same letter, is one of Morocco’s top donors, with a total pledge of approximately 1.2 billion euros in 2020. The German-Moroccan development collaboration is focused on long-term economic development and employment, renewable energy, and water management.

Morocco participated in the G-20 effort with Africa to improve the framework conditions for private investment, and Germany assisted Morocco in dealing with the emergency situation with a large-scale emergency assistance program in 2020.

The institutions of Friedrich Ebert, Konrad Adenauer, Friedrich Naumann, Hanns Seidel, and Heinrich Paul, which have offices in Morocco, add that “German language and scientific cooperation are promoted through the Goethe Institute, branches in Casablanca and Rabat, partner schools, and over 20 collaborations in the higher education sector, as encouraged by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

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