Moroccan Embassy Set Up in Lviv to Assist Moroccans on Ukrainian Territory

As part of the efforts made since the beginning of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, members of the Moroccan Embassy in Ukraine have been stationed in the city of Lviv since March 1 to assist Moroccan citizens on Ukrainian territory.

Several actions have been carried out in this framework since March 1, according to the Moroccan Embassy in Ukraine, which keeps in constant contact with the crisis unit established within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Abroad to coordinate actions and report difficulties faced by Moroccan citizens in neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary.
The Moroccan ambassador to Ukraine, Faouz El Achabi, met with the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lviv and the representative of security and borders, according to the diplomatic representation.

El Achabi reported the problems faced by Moroccans during these talks, which were held in consultation with Ukrainian officials, and called for the measures to leave Ukraine in good shape to be made easier.

Several assistance actions have been carried out in favor of Moroccans in Ukraine, according to the Moroccan Embassy, citing in particular the regular mobilization at the level of the four border posts with Poland, in order to direct Moroccan citizens to the least crowded posts, and the medical assistance provided to a Moroccan student before leaving Ukrainian territory on March 3, 2022.

The Embassy further stated that it actively monitors the status of Moroccan citizens in the cities of Soumy, Kharkiv, Kherson, and Marioupol, and routinely updates them on Moroccan authorities’ efforts to resolve their problems.

Thousands of people have been able to flee Ukraine thanks to the support of Embassy personnel. According to the same source, more than 150 Laissez-passer have been issued since the Embassy’s installation in Lviv, including four issued this Friday to a family with a young child.

Following its intervention with Ukrainian authorities, the Embassy stated that it had resolved the blockade caused by the refusal of some electronic passes at some border crossings, as well as the situation of four Moroccans imprisoned, with the help of representatives of the Moroccan community in Ukraine.

The Embassy is now in contact with Moscow about two Moroccans who are not listed in the Embassy’s files. In this regard, an emergency meeting with Ukrainian officials could take place in Lviv on Friday.

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