Albares and Bourita Hold bilateral talks on Morocco-Spain High-Level Meeting

The foreign minister of Morocco, Nasser Bourita and Albares, the foreign minister of Spain, met on Friday in Madrid.

The gathering is taking place as part of the planning for the high-level summit between Morocco and Spain, which is planned for early in the next year.

Albares tweeted about the meeting, calling it “excellent” for moving the high-level meeting and the formulation of the plan forward.

Rabat and Madrid are both determined to strengthen their bilateral connections at all levels, which is why they are holding this summit.

Albares noted the cooperation between Spain and Morocco as an example of a successful alliance on Monday. He said this at a meeting in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

According to Albares, “We want to have the same kind of connection with all of our neighbors as we do with Morocco.”

Before being repeatedly delayed, the high-level summit between the two nations was scheduled to occur in December 2020.

In a news conference in October 2022, Bourita said that the delay would enable “better preparation” for the occasion.

The parliamentary forum, corporate forum, and the mobilization of all parties involved in this connection may all be prepared, according to Bourita.

After a year-long political turmoil, diplomatic relations between the two nations resumed their previous levels in March.

With its choice to house Polisario commander Brahim Ghali for hospitalization in 2021, Spain antagonized Morocco. Morocco sent back its ambassador to Madrid and denounced the hosting of Ghali, calling the action a “loss” and an abhorrent betrayal of trust and reciprocity in diplomatic relations.

After Spain officially recognized Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the “most serious and credible” foundation for resolving the Western Sahara conflict, the two nations’ diplomatic ties were restored in March 2022.

The statement was followed by the trip to Morocco and meeting with King Mohammed VI by the prime minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, in April. After then, the king of Morocco and Sanchez jointly unveiled a new diplomatic road map for the two nations.

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