Morocco most searched in the past weeks

Recent Google trends indicate that the word “Morocco” has been searched as most extensively all around the world.

More that 282 Millions of engagement rate on Facebook to translate the word ‘Morocco’ in the past month. The search doesn’t include the use of the word in Arabic but in multiple world languages.

Among the most famous tweets is Mesut Ozil’s reaching 2 million of likes on Facebook and 156K in Twitter.

Followed by a FIFA Tweet with a One Million likes and B/R football twitter’s account with 117k likes

Being the first team from Africa to go to the semifinals has earned the Atlas Lions Respect, pride and Love from people all around the world.

The statement added, “The Search data reveals that the Morocco-France match also generated searches for specific players, with Morocco’s Achraf Hakimi, Yassine Bounou, Hakim Ziyech, Sofiane Boufal, and Sofyan Amrabat being the most sought soccer stars in that order.

Top popular searches on the Moroccan team, such as “Does Hakimi (Achraf) speak French?,” “What is the Moroccan team worth?,” “Who is Hakimi (Achraf)?” and “Why are they called the Atlas Lions,” also increased noticeably.

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