Spain’s PM highlights the “Strategic Importance” of maintaining “Best Relations” with Morocco

Madrid – Spain’s PM, has emphasized the excellent cooperation ties with Morocco and the “strategic importance” of maintaining the “best relations” with the Kingdom.

“It is in our interest to maintain the best relations not only for Spain but also for the European Union,” Pedro Sanchez said Tuesday during a debate in the Congress of Deputies

The Spanish executive chief said he “will always defend the preservation of good relations with Morocco,” noting that “facts and reality confirm the importance of Morocco for Spain and Europe.”

According to him, trade with Morocco increased by 33% last year to reach almost 10 billion euros, and the number of unauthorized immigrants arriving has significantly decreased.

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“Of all the migratory routes to Europe, the only one that has decreased is that from Morocco to Spain,” said Sanchez.

In this regard, the next High Level Meeting between Morocco and Spain is “important” in that it will give bilateral cooperation a boost. This was stressed by Spain’s PM.

The two countries are committed, among many other things, to addressing issues of common interest in a “spirit of trust and consultation,” in accordance with the new roadmap that was adopted last April during Pedro Sanchez’s visit to Morocco at HM King Mohammed VI’s invitation.

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