King Mohammed VI declares the Amazigh New Year an official holiday

King Mohammed VI would prefer to have the Amazigh New Year recognized as a national holiday in Morocco, the Royal Court stated in a communiqué on Wednesday night.

The same communication indicated that the king gave the order for this holiday to be observed, just like he did for Fatih Muharram for the Hijra and the New Year.

The same source further states that under this situation, King Mohammed VI gave the Prime Minister instructions on how to carry out the required actions to put this royal decision into effect.

The Royal Court stated that this decision “embodies the generous care that King Mohammed VI has given to Amazigh as a major component of the real Moroccan identity rich in its multiplicity of tributaries, and a shared balance for all Moroccans without distinction. Additionally, it fits within the parameters of the constitution’s designation of Amazigh alongside Arabic as the nation’s official languages.

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