Series of Measures to Mitigate Covid-19 Impact on Moroccan Tourism – AMF


On the home front, the Kingdom has put in place many measures to increase the number of hotel overnight stays by local tourists and to develop offers and products in line with local customs, traditions and travel habits, said the AMF report on the “Impact of Tourism on the Economic Growth of Arab countries.”

In that regard, the AMF quotes the “Biladi” program aimed at creating homogeneous tourist resorts in terms of tourism products that meet the aspirations and habits of national tourists.

As for international tourism, the report underlined that Morocco has intensified efforts to promote the North African country as a go-to destination, particularly by strengthening the role of digital platforms and improving the competitiveness of flight services.

According to the study, cooperation with tourist-exporting countries and strategic partnerships with airlines have enabled Morocco to improve internal and external air connectivity.

The AMF also study showed that Morocco’s authorities have launched a set of measures to attract local and foreign investment for the tourism sector, highlighting the Kingdom’s particular interest in improving the business climate.

The Arab Monetary Fund banks on an 60 to 80% decline in the GDP of the tourism sector in the Arab world in 2020. This decline threatens millions of direct and indirect jobs and represents a major challenge for Arab countries.

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