Moroccan Companies lower their Prices to Encourage Consumers

Huge Discounts to encourage Moroccan consumers buy more.

A company specializing in aquifer bottling in plastic bottles, reduced the price of their products by more than 34 per cent in commercial centers, while a group specializing in the food industries related to dairy products reduced the price of cheese by 24 per cent.

Discount rates ranged from ten to 25 per cent as per the differences of products and their original prices. The sales also included vegetables, fruits, preserved food and household furniture.

These promotional offers came 56 days before the end of 2020. After coronavirus pandemic hit the Moroccan food industry groups due to the lockdown that has been lifted at the end of the first quarter of this year. It resulted in a financial drop of the biggest Moroccan companies in the field of importing home consumption products.

It is worth mentioning that the consumers’ interest in the products offered in the mega commercial markets has contributed to the revival of the sector’s transaction number with an unprecedented rate. Taking advantage from the fact that most consumers frequent shopping centers as they are relatively safe regarding the probability of getting infected by respiratory diseases and viruses.

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