Morocco to Launch Investment Projects Worth 11.3 Billion Dirhams

These 34 projects are expected to create 9,319 job opportunities

On Wednesday, February 17th, Morocco’s Inter-Ministerial Investment Commission approved 34 draft conventions and investment conventions amendments, with a budget of 11.3 billion dirhams, expecting the creation of 3,500 direct and 5,819 indirect job opportunities.

During a press release, the commission stated that the distribution of investments according to sectors shows tourism and entertainment sector in first rank, with investments amounting to 3.29 billion dirhams, accounting for 29% projects to be launched.

The transport and infrastructure sector comes in second place, with investments amounting to 2.47 billion dirhams (equivalent to 22%), while the education and higher education sector ranks third, with a total of 2.27 billion dirhams, equivalent to 20% of the total investments to be made.

The sector of renewable energies and seawater desalination ranked fourth with a total of two billion dirhams, (18%), followed by the industrial sector ranking fifth with a total of 1.25 billion dirhams, equivalent to 11% of total investments.

With regard to the distribution of job opportunities by sector, the sector of tourism and entertainment sits at the top of the list, as it will enable the creation of 1,365 jobs, which is more than 39% of the total number of jobs to be created, while the industrial sector comes second with a total of 1217 jobs, equivalent to 35%.

As for the sector of education and higher education, it ranks third, with a total of 660 jobs, representing nearly 19% of the total number of jobs to be created.

The distribution of the investments to be made, based on region, showed that Casablanca-Settat comes first with a total of 3.84 billion dirhams (34%), followed by Rabat Salé-Kenitra in second place with a total of 3.39 billion dirhams (30%), then Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab ranking third with investments amounting to two billion dirhams (18%), and finally Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima in fourth place, with a total of 942 million dirhams.

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