O Capital Group, The New FinanceCom

The merger by absorption of FinanceCom by Holding Benjelloun Mezian is accompanied by a change of institutional identity under the name “O Capital Group”.

After having recorded the merger by absorption of FinanceCom by Holding Benjelloun Mezian, the Group, founded and chaired by Othman Benjelloun, has announced the change of its institutional identity under the name “O Capital Group”.

The merger, aimed at simplifying the structure of holding companies and bringing together holdings under a single entity, is also accompanied by a desire to initiate a new phase in its history under a new inspiring brand that believes in values.

This change comes after two decades of significant achievements under the name FinanceCom, during which the Group has supported the economic and social development of the country, as well as its growth on a continental and international scale.

The Group has in fact invested heavily in many fields, namely in banking (Bank of Africa), insurance (Royale Marocaine d’Assurance), telecommunication (Medi Telecom Orange) and other prestigious projects like Mohammed VI Tower.

In this regard, the Group notes that “this new dynamic extends an entrepreneurial passion, heir to a line of visionary investors and strong alliances with leading international partners.”

“Governed by the values ​​of optimism and ambition, with the conviction that people are the primary wealth, the Group has always known how to reinvent itself, anticipating changes in a changing world, to project itself into the future and invest in new strategic businesses.”

The Group also explains that this “new face, through the revelation of the ‘O Capital Group’ identity, reflects this renewed confidence in the future.”

It is noted that “O” in the logo is inspired by the founder’s initial as well as the symbolism of “Enso”, a sign from Chinese and Japanese cultures; the open circle evokes the infinite nature of time and space.

The logo recalls the shape of the world and the cosmos, while its calligraphic layout introduces a notion of movement and creativity. This is counterbalanced by the straightness of its horizontal base, evoking the rigor and solidity of a long-lasting Group.

With the merger of these two family holding companies and the reorganization of business portfolios, O Capital Group has acquired a share capital of one billion dirhams and expanded resources allowing it to continue its investments, “comfortably” develop its anchoring, and spread its influence all over the globe.

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