Benmoussa Presents Development Model Report Before World Ambassadors To Morocco

Benmoussa pointed out that the Kingdom is fortunate to have multilateral partnerships with countries from all over the world.

Chakib Benmoussa, Chairman of the Special Development Model Committee (CSMD), presented the report of the development model, which has been previously submitted to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, before the diplomatic corps accredited in Morocco, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates.

During this high-level meeting which took place today, June 15th, Benmoussa said that the success of this development model can only be achieved if it is based on two main pillars; The first is the presence of a strong democratic state decisive in its strategic roles and able to protect its citizens, and then through the presence of a pluralistic and strong society.

The Chairman of the Development Model Committee explained that the report suggests establishing win-win partnerships, noting that the goal is for Morocco to become a contributor to the development of other countries in the world, while including the private sector and other international development agencies.

In a related context, Benmoussa pointed out that the Kingdom is fortunate to have multilateral partnerships with various continents, whether the African continent to which it belongs or the European continent, which constitutes a large part of its foreign transactions, in addition to partnerships with the Arab and Islamic world, America and Asia.

In this regard, the participants stressed the need to exploit the opportunities and possibilities offered by Morocco to make the new development model a success, and stressed that the Kingdom has economic qualifications to achieve a real take-off and to provide economic services to African countries as well.

It should be noted that the meeting was attended by a number of ambassadors from all over the world, and was marked by the participation of Saadia Slaoui Bennani, CEO of Vaylans Consulting, Michael Zaoui, Founder of Zaoui & Co., as well as Leila Benali, Chief Economist at the International Energy Forum, and Member of the Special Development Model Committee.

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