Tangier incident: No sign of terrorism, a quarrel led to a murder case

all indicators point to the crime being far from terrorist.

Tangier is being shaken by a new tragedy. A person with a knife entered the kosher restaurant “Le Cercle”, located in the city center at the center of Avenue du Prince héritier and Mexico Street, on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 25, killing the manager.

The murder of a restaurant manager in Tangier City is still being investigated by police and judicial authorities.

According to a security source, all indicators point to the crime being far from terrorist in character, independent of the victim’s religious identification or the restaurant where the killing occurred.

All of the evidence points to a heated argument between the victim and the culprit, a source of employment promise that the restaurant management was unable to check, which resulted in a hit-and-run attack.

The security services were successful in arresting the criminal promptly, and they are continuing their investigation under the supervision of the appropriate public prosecutor’s office.

Given the participants’ relationship, these investigations disprove the terrorist incident’s premise. Given that the culprit is a former military officer from Rabat, the numerous statistics show that the perpetrator is not a terrorist. The victim used to look after the culprit and feed him for free, also promised him a job before the events took an expected turn.

The suspect had always hesitated to go to the restaurant run by the victim, a Moroccan-Jewish citizen, for the purpose of receiving free meals before he was in conflict with the victim, after which he was physically assaulted with a small knife, causing his death while being taken to hospital, according to preliminary data on the search.

The suspect has been placed in custody, at the disposal of the investigation supervised by the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to ascertain the true causes and backgrounds of the crime, which is likely to be linked to an unintentional conflict arising from the victim’s refusal of the suspect’s request to work as a day in the restaurant he owns.



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