Ukraine Crisis: Royal Air Maroc operates New Special Flights for Moroccans

Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s national airline, has scheduled additional special flights for the homecoming of Moroccans fleeing Ukraine amid the country’s ongoing conflict.

The airline announced on Saturday that it had arranged flights from Budapest to Casablanca for March 7-8 to repatriate Moroccans who have fled Ukraine.

The fare costs for the March 7-8 flights will be fixed at MAD 750 ($75), as with similar special flights Royal Air Maroc has arranged in recent days to transport Moroccans from the European country.

Morocco has urged its citizens to flee Ukraine via crossing points with Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary so that it may help and support them in the midst of the rising crisis.

Following the closure of Ukrainian airspace since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of the nation, Royal Air Maroc then arranged a number of special flights between Morocco and the four countries.

In recent days, the Moroccan airline business has been flying special flights as part of the Moroccan government’s intention to repatriate all Moroccans willing to return to Morocco despite the escalating violence in Ukraine.

Moroccan crisis cells have been established to receive and respond to pleas for assistance and information from Moroccan nationals stranded in Ukraine.

Morocco has also mobilized its embassies in Ukraine’s surrounding nations to assist Moroccans escaping crisis zones in returning home.

Morocco has echoed worldwide concerns over the situation in Ukraine on the diplomatic front, urging for serious talks to end the conflict.


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