Abdellatif Ouahbi meets in Cairo with his Egyptian counterpart

Abdellatif Ouahbi, the minister of justice, and Omar Marwan, his Egyptian counterpart, spoke on Sunday in Cairo about ways to enhance and deepen judicial cooperation between the two nations through the implementation of numerous bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding in the field of justice. The two parties referred to the long-standing political ties that have bound the two nations since His Majesty King Mohammed VI and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi assumed office, and they emphasized on this occasion the breadth of the strong bond that has bound the two peoples for many years.

Mr. Abdellatif Ouahbi reviewed the reforms that the Moroccan judicial system is undergoing during this meeting, which was specifically attended by Mr. Ahmed Tazi, the ambassador of Morocco to Egypt and the kingdom’s permanent representative to the League of Arab States. These reforms aim to strengthen the judiciary’s independence and develop the legislative system so that it can respond to all global and domestic changes and have a positive effect.

In addition, he examined the Ministry’s initiatives to strengthen public services, engage the digital transformation sector, and satisfy people’ ambitions and expectations, as well as its intensified efforts to train human resources for the various legal and judicial professions. The seminar provided an opportunity to hear about Egypt’s experience with justice on a variety of levels, including legislative, judicial, and jurisprudential.

It should be emphasized that Mr. Ouahbi visited Jordan and the Gulf nations. This trip provided an opportunity to strengthen ties of cooperation in the justice sector and lay the groundwork for a new phase of illustrious partnership with these nations that is consistent with the level of profound and significant political ties already existing between the Kingdom of Morocco and these friendly nations.

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