Morocco adopts a political statement against explosive weapons and highlights the accountability of the nations that support armed groups

During the international conference on the protection of civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas, Morocco expressed its support for the political declaration that was released on Friday, Dublin, and emphasized the accountability of States that provide such weapons to armed groups.

The Moroccan team was led by Omar Zniber, the Permanent Representative of Morocco to Geneva, who was praised by the ambassador. The threat stems from the choice to use armed non-State actors to harm people, says the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. They believe that they are not required to abide by the rules of international humanitarian law.

The political statement was adopted as the result of 6 informal meetings and 3 years of work. in a field where challenges relating to disarmament, humanitarian law, and human rights coexist.

Infrastructure was seriously threatened by the deployment of explosive weapons in populous areas, according to Zniber. The first victim, particularly among women and kids. The threat was made worse by the mistargeted nature of such weapons.

In this regard, he discussed various Moroccan efforts at the national level to formalize its adherence to the principles of international humanitarian law, notably in the development of the Royal Armed Forces and other paramilitary organizations in Morocco. These are courses that the Royal Military Academy has accepted and include field instruction.

The Ambassador believes that supporting collaboration with international humanitarian organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), notably in the field of Royal Armed Forces development, is bolstering these efforts.

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