Morocco becomes the European Union’s first wheat importer

For the crop year 2022-2023, wheat exports from the European Union are now primarily going to Morocco.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine eased the wheat market, sales to other nations have been impeded by resurgent competition in the Black Sea.

Morocco has grown to be a more significant market than normal for EU wheat due to rising import demands following a drought-plagued harvest.

According to Reuters, the nation intends to import 1.5 million more tons of soft wheat between March and May.

According to the same source, France, the largest wheat producer in the EU, has been able to sell the majority of an excess of non-EU exports estimated at just over 10 million tons thanks to consistent demand from Morocco and good sales to Algeria, China, and Egypt.

Since the middle of the season, the Black Sea has once again been a major competitor, the news agency notes.

While Russia has found markets for its record 2022 crop, Ukrainian levels are backed by a Black Sea passage during times of conflict.

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