In SIAM, OCP pledges over a quarter of planned fertiliser production to Africa

The Cherifien Office of Phosphates (OCP), a major actor in the agricultural industry and a steadfast supporter of the International Agricultural Exhibition in Morocco (SIAM), has made a public announcement about its dedication to advancing sustainable agriculture in Africa and around the world.

OCP stated in a press release: “As part of our steadfast commitment to Africa, we have earmarked four million tonnes of fertilizer to the continent in 2023, which is more than a quarter of our anticipated global production. This will help to fill up to 80% of Africa’s fertilizer gap.

OCP has always placed a high priority on tailoring its offerings to support regional economies and agriculture. The company has positioned farmers at the center of its strategy, providing products and services that are increasingly personalized to their requirements and adjusted to changes in territories and markets in response to the concerns of food security and climate change.

Scientific research and innovation are crucial components of OCP’s vision, particularly in meeting the challenges and needs of Africa. The company is developing technological, financial, social, sustainable, and customized solutions, combined with local action, to make a real impact on the agricultural ecosystem.

OCP has a long-standing partnership with the agricultural industry, especially with SIAM, which enables the firm to play a key role in promoting agriculture as a force for growth in Morocco and Africa as a whole. Growth, employment, and geographic areas are all affected long-term by this.

OCP launched a subsidiary, OCP Africa, in February 2016, placing Africa at the center of its strategy. In order to address the issue of organized, effective, and sustainable agriculture, OCP Africa is committed to the growth of the company’s operations on the continent.

OCP Africa is focusing on every aspect of the agricultural value chain in order to achieve this, including securing the production of competitive fertilizers close to important agricultural basins, enhancing its logistical capabilities, and helping to create new local distribution networks to serve the entire agricultural sector. OCP Africa provides farmers with comprehensive solutions, including funding and training, in addition to simply distributing fertilizers.

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