Strategic Relations between Morocco and Spain, Example for Other Countries to Follow (Spanish PM)

The “strategic” relationships between Rabat and Madrid are a “good experience” that can be exported to other nations, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez emphasized while reiterating the great state of relations between his nation and Morocco on Tuesday.

Sanchez, who was a guest on a program on the “Telecinco” channel, stated that other European governments and the European Commission view Spain and Morocco’s relations as a strategic relationship and a positive experience to export to many other countries within the framework of their bilateral relations.

Since virtually all of Spain’s investments on the African continent are centered in Morocco, the Spanish PM stated that relations with Morocco are crucial and necessary, particularly in the areas of trade and the economy.

“Security, the fight against terrorism, and the fight against illegal immigration” are three areas where cooperation with Morocco is significant.

Sanchez emphasized his support for Morocco, which has acted as a host nation and is “fighting against irregular migration.”

The senior Spanish official emphasized that, “often, when we think of immigration, we are unaware that Morocco also experiences this irregular migration, which originates from a very unstable region like the Sahel, and that many young people from these countries are looking for a better future not only in Europe but also in African countries like Morocco.”

“Talking about immigration with Morocco should also mean putting ourselves in its shoes and being aware that the Kingdom is also taking up this challenge,” he said in a statement.

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