Algeria and “Polisario” spread Starvation

Feeling of rage in Mauritania is igniting after trucks carrying food products were prevented from crossing by separatist “Polisario” Militia.

The inhabitants of Mauritania are losing their rag after separatist “Polisario” militia blocked the road from Morocco to Mauritania. The Militia hired by Algeria and its imaginary made separatist “Polisario”. The blocked road caused the price to skyrocket dramatically in Mauritanian markets as a result of the suspended commercial exchange in Guerguerat region. In addition to that, Mauritania and other neighboring countries’ markets ran out of a huge number of food products.

A number of Mauritanian activists accused the “Algerian Front” and the “Polisario Front” of trying to make the Mauritanian people “starve” by imposing a real siege on them. Indeed, a number of activists did not hesitate to describe the front as an enemy of Mauritania, given these inhumane behaviors that brought about a major crisis in supplying the Mauritanian markets with various materials, especially vegetables and baby milk.

Despite Algeria’s efforts to create an “alternative path” for goods by pushing Algerian merchants to export their goods to Mauritania. This attempt was unsuccessful because of the high cost of transportation. Guerguerat crossing remains an essential gate not only for trade between Morocco and the rest of African countries but it is also a gate for international trade. This puts Algeria and the separatist “Polisario” in an unprecedented confrontation with the international community.

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