The Visit of the Spanish Prime Minister to Morocco Will Strengthen Rabat-Madrid Relations

As part of Madrid and Rabat’s aspirations to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation, King Mohammed VI of Morocco invited Sanchez to visit the North African kingdom.

The planned visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to Morocco, according to Spanish Minister of Presidency Felix Bolanos, will have a favorable impact on Moroccan-Spanish relations.

Bolanos underlined that the “fruits of the visit” will be visible, emphasizing the importance of bilateral collaboration.

“The president of the government is going on a very important trip, and the benefits of this new relationship that we want to develop will start to show,” he told La Verdad newspaper on Sunday.

Sanchez was invited to visit Morocco in the “very near future” by King Mohammed VI last week.

During a phone call, the King of Morocco asked Sanchez to visit the North African kingdom.

During the phone call, King Mohammed VI expressed his gratitude for Spain’s efforts to enhance Morocco’s diplomatic relations.

In March, Sanchez wrote to Morocco’s King, declaring Spain’s official support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the most serious and credible solution to the Western Sahara problem.

The Spanish move brought an end to a historic diplomatic dispute that began in April 2021.

The tension had arisen as a result of Spain’s decision to house Polisario commander Brahim Ghali while he was hospitalized.

Following recent events and Spain’s new stance on Western Sahara, Morocco and Spain have reaffirmed their commitment to establishing a new chapter of cooperation based on mutual trust and respect.

According to Bolanos, keeping strong relations with Morocco is an important aspect of the country’s strategy for sustaining stability.

He also mentioned how the two countries’ cooperation is fostering economic growth.

Along with Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares, Sanchez is expected to travel to Morocco.

The trade and economic links between Morocco and Spain are strengthening.

Morocco shipped more than €7 billion worth of goods to Spain in 2021. According to figures released by the Spanish embassy in Rabat, this represents a 14.6 percent rise from 2020.

In 2021, Morocco imported €9.5 billion from Spain, an increase of 29.2 percent over the previous year.



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