Morocco moving fast toward legalizing cannabis as world consumption becomes more normalized

Since the procedure began in October 2022, the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities (ANRAC) has granted 230 recipients authorizations by issuing production licenses to 100 cannabis producers.

ANRAC started issuing authorizations for various cannabis-related operations a few months ago.

A production permit, which is necessary to specify the subsequent activities or even the industry to which the crop will be directed and the route of its product, has not been obtained by any farmer.

According to MT sources, 18 members of three processing cooperatives requested for permission to import seeds among the 100 farmers who received production permits.

The same source claims that a specific procedure will be used to provide farmers authorizations without having to wait for the commission that is in charge of doing so to meet.

If the farmer explains who he will present his product to, the end result, and that he has a “clear perception” of his means of use, the authorization would then be promptly granted.

This information was released two months ahead of when the 2023 growing season will formally begin. Accordingly, our source revealed that 230 authorizations had been granted by ANRAC in total, including 100 licenses for farmers, 59 for industry participants, 30 for businesses, 4 for cooperatives, and 30 for auto-entrepreneurs.

“The clear long-term benefit for the kingdom’s trade accords,” according to economist Mourad Amezrar.

According to Amezrar, Morocco’s enormous potential for this product is just now starting to be realized because to the regulatory framework that connects the health sector to the plant’s much bigger agricultural sector.

The expert emphasizes that a larger pharmaceutical industry can be thought of as having a multibillion dollar cannabis industry as one of its components. Which means that opening up to its international routes is the most secure way to take advantage of the nation’s enormous wealth while also containing its risks to society and public safety.

Since the vast majority of the cannabis market is still illegal, it is impossible to determine the exact value of global cannabis sales. Cannabis companies are attracting more investments than alcohol and drug companies as a result of the movement toward legalizing cannabis.

The authorizations, according to Amezrar, will result in “a significant increase in revenue from production for the farmers, and this is coming from a chain of production that will profit financially from its market access.”

The law allows for the granting of licenses for nine different activities, the first of which is production and agriculture, which is relevant to farmers.

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The other activities, such as those involved in the conversion, transportation, marketing, export, and import of cannabis products, are left to businesses. The second activity relates to the production and exploitation of seedlings, or the import of seeds and seedlings, or the export of seeds and seedlings.

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