The arrest of more than 80 migrants in the Gourougou forest in the province of Nador

The authorities succeeded on Thursday morning in arresting more than 80 migrants in the forest of Gourougou in the province of Nador.

The detained migrants, of different nationalities, originating from sub-Saharan countries, are sheltering in the mentioned forest while waiting to escape to the northern shore.

Human rights sources have indicated that the sweep operation carried out by the authorities resulted in the fracture of 5 migrants.

In the same context, the Moroccan authorities should deport the arrested migrants to the southern cities.

The intervention of the authorities to prevent the gathering of migrants in the forest of “Gourougou” is part of the proactive plans they are putting in place to avoid any possible storming of the occupied city of Melilla, as happened on 24 June, an incident that cost the lives of 23 migrants and injured dozens of members of the public forces of various gravity.


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